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With over 50 combined years of polar experience our Arctic and Antarctic experts will help you find your adventure of a lifetime.

The Polar Adventure Company

We live, breathe, and dream of polar travel and we are firmly believe that there is a polar adventure for everyone.

We’ve been where you want to go and have deep expertise in polar expedition cruises, land-based, and even polar superyacht expeditions. The team at The Polar Adventure Company will gladly explore the exhilaration, and the nuances, of polar travel with you and your family.

Our polar trips are offered at the exact same price as the ship or tour operator, there will never be a price difference and you won’t pay more when traveling with us. What you will get, however, is unparalleled access to over 1,500 polar experiences, each carefully curated from the world's best polar operators in order to ensure you have the best travel options.

Meet The Polar Adventure Company Team

Jason Hillier, FRCGS

Jason has over 25 years of professional services experience in various roles and industries and almost 15 years in the polar expedition travel industry. Jason is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and an IAATO Antarctic Ambassador.

As a Divemaster, Expedition Leader, and Polar Guide he has been on countless land-based, ship, and superyacht expeditions to Antarctica, Greenland, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island, Labrador, Iceland, and Ellesmere Island. He has led trips for marine scientists and numerous film crews (BBC, National Geographic, PBS NOVA, etc.) throughout the polar regions - there's gray in that beard for a reason.

Clayton Anderson

Clayton has spent the last 25 years in the travel industry as a journalist, expedition leader, zodiac driver and product developer. He has marketed, developed, and led expeditions around the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and everything in between. He is a member of the Explorers Club in NYC and has authored and co-authored several books on travel. Clayton is on the left.

Clayton has worked in the polar regions with Quark Expeditions, Arctic Kingdom, and Adventure Canada and he has logged several years’ worth of sailing time aboard expeditionary vessels giving him intimate knowledge of the polar cruise industry.

Thomas Lennartz

Thomas changed careers after a life-changing expedition to the Canadian Arctic in 2002 to SCUBA dive with beluga and narwhal. Igniting a passion and newfound purpose to share his experiences in the polar regions with others.

Since then, Thomas has accumulated over two decades of first-hand experience in the Arctic, and Antarctica, in roles that have ranged from Expedition Leader, Private Trip Designer, and most recently as the VP of Global Sales at Quark Expeditions.

Thomas has been recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as an Expedition Cruise specialist since 2011 and he's keen to share that knowledge with our clients.

Lex Harrison

After studying the digital arts and English at OCAD University, Lex decided to entirely avoid doing anything related to her education and pursued a dead-end career in the service industry. She later realized that this was a poor choice, and thus decided to do... something else. Since then, she has written freelance for several travel companies and further honed her skills on personal projects that will never see the light of day, so don't even ask.

She recently experienced the gift of a life-changing voyage to Antarctica with Seabourn, which provided the confidence that she could, in fact, write about it. Lex currently manages the content side of the Polar Adventure Company as a writer and editor

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All our polar trips are offered at the exact same price as the ship or tour operator, including any incentives or specials. What you will get however, is unbiased advice on the best voyage for you and unparalleled access to over 1,500 polar experiences.