A Travel Advisors Polar Partner

We enable Travel Advisors to look like polar experts.

Consider The Polar Adventure Company an extension of your team.

We save Travel Advisors time by getting the right information, the right advice and the right polar trip for their clients – fast and efficiently creating highly satisfied clients. We make agents look good, and confident to source and recommend a polar experience to their clients.

As an industry leader, The Polar Adventure Company offers an unmatched depth of polar expertise, an exceptional inventory of polar itineraries.

We are the travel industry’s only one-stop shop for Arctic and Antarctic travel adventures. From expedition cruises to land-based experiences our aim is to make it easy for a Travel Advisor to sell a polar adventure to their clients.

Travel Advisors love to partner with The Polar Adventure Company because they get:

A One-Stop Polar Shop That Makes It Easy

Travel Advisors can quote their clients using The Polar Adventure Company and book a polar trip at no extra cost and we preserve your standard rate of commission!

Unrivalled In-House Depth of Knowledge

Travel Advisors love that they can talk to a polar expert (us!) who knows the nuances of the polar regions and all its operators. We’ve been where your clients want to go and have spent years in the polar regions. With over 50+ years combined of on-the-ground/ship expertise; we give Travel Advisors the confidence to sell into one of the fastest growing segments in travel.

Talking to the unbiased, operator agnostic, experts at The Polar Adventure Company saves a Travel Advisor time and hours of research giving you the real information you need to know.

We know the answers to the obscure questions – once again saving an Advisor considerable time and effort to track the answers down. We know the answers - try us!

Fast and Accurate Multi-Supplier Quotes

We make travel advisors; more efficient, more confident, and more money.

We do the legwork and will provide our Travel Advisor partners a selection of hand-picked quotes fast and efficiently from one or more operators.

We have access to the best polar expedition cruise and land-based tour operators with real-time access to availability and pricing.

Eliminate the need to call and wait on-hold. Ask us about dates, pricing, and how to better understand ‘what makes each operator different’.

Expert Unbiased Guidance - At No Extra Cost With A Price Guarantee

We call it as it is - the real deal. There's no hidden agenda to 'sell' a particular voyage.

We will provide balanced guidance and provide tailored recommendations as to the right ship, dates, and price based on a Travel Advisors clients wants/needs and travel styles. There won’t be any bias that comes from each supplier who is (naturally) interested in selling their own products.

Maintain The Relationship Directly With Your Client

Our client is you, the Travel Advisor. If a Travel Advisor would like us to communicate with their clients directly (and most do) we can. Any communication with the client is always relayed to the Travel Advisor.

Advisors Earn Full commission – No Planning Fees

Our client is you, the Travel Advisor. We do not charge planning fees unless we are creating a completely bespoke trip. Commissionable rates are shared in advance and consortium preferred rates are recognized and paid. You get the same commission whether you book with the operator or with us - but you get more vlaue partnering with us! Independent Consulantant Advisors are welcome!


Jason and Clayton were invaluable in helping find the right trip for my client. The client wanted a last minute family trip to see polar bears and the Polar Adventure Company went above and beyond to find it for them. They saved me a lot of time, and enabled me to be very responsive. I highly recommend the Polar Adventure Company for any advisor.

Jan. 2024 - Susan R., CTA

....I knew virtually nothing about polar travel but your help and patience made sure I was directing my clients in the right direction. so many questions were answered! I will be working with you again, soon!

Aug. 2023 - Christine D.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My clients are over the moon about their Antarctica trip and I couldn't have made it happen without you. Your polar knowledge and passion were key to giving them the confidence to make their bucket list trip come true....

Sep. 2023 - Joseph G.


Why is selling Antarctica or the Arctic so hard for a Travel Advisor? (and how do we make it easy)

Expedition cruising is the travel industry’s fastest growing travel sector. It’s also a very niche travel style with only 200,000 a year travelling to the polar regions (out of millions of vacations )– and it’s not often that a Travel Advisor gets a request or needs to advise their clients on a trip to see Antarctica or the Arctic. There is a long ramp up time to learn about the geography, flight gateways, hotels, wildlife, time of year and which ship, or land option to choose. To have to learn about 30+ operators, 70+ ships and over 1,500 itineraries can be overwhelming in a short period of time.

This is where the Polar Adventure Company can help Travel Advisors look like experts. As your one-stop resource to consult, advise, quote, book, and manage.

Do you work with Consortiums like Virtuoso, Signature, or Ensemble?

Yes we do. We are not a member of any one consortium, but enable all advisors, regardless of who they are affiliated with to sell polar travel more effectively.

Here are just a few that we work with on a daily basis:

Will you do three-way conference calls with my clients?

Absolutely! We encourage having travel advisors, with their clients on the phone or in a virtual meeting, to learn together about the trip options available.

What is the best way to get started?

Easy! Call us at 1-833-332-0888 and let’s get to know each other.

Let us help you with your valuable clients!



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